Stylo have been specialising in providing global retail markets with innovative  brands that have a unique reason for being, a strong British heritage and always delight their consumers with products that perform.

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Our portfolio of award-winning and best-loved brands, including Hairbond, Stylo Matchmakers, Oxcited, Savier and MR Crack, enable global retailers to offer newness and innovation across a wide range of categories that cover men’s grooming, haircare,  fashion and sports.

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Every factory is inspected by an Internationally recognised Auditing/Inspection company prior to working together and then on a yearly basis 

We only want our products to be made in factories that will commit to our values and we will ensure that they sign our strict Manufacturing Agreement

It is important that we care about the way that we do business and how this impacts the local communities, our employees and the world in General – “Care for the Planet”

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